Top 10 Hilarious Quotes on Father's Day

Father's Day is upon us and this year, we've made a list of Top 10 hilarious quotes about fatherhood, being a dad, and having a father. If you're looking for some inspiration with card messages, then here are also 20 Top Best Sayings for Father's Day!

As for the holiday, know that Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Wash. is given credit for establishing Father's Day in 1909 after listening to a Mother's Day Sermon. Dodd wanted to honor her widowed Civil War veteran father, William Smart, and picked June 17, 1910 in honor of her father's birthday. The commercial success of Anna Jarvis' Mother's Day helped turn Father's Day into an official holiday -- President Lyndon Johnson issued a proclamation in 1966 issuing the third Sunday in June as Father's Day and President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

Here are Top 10 hilarious quotes about Father's Day:-

1. "My father confused me. From the ages of one to seven, I thought my name was Jesus Christ!" -- Bill Cosby

2. "Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards." -- Robert Orben

3. "My father only hit me once -- but he used a Volvo." -- Bob Monkhouse

4. "I have always had the feeling I could do anything and my dad told me I could. I was in college before I found out he might be wrong." -- Ann Richards

5. "Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then, fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher's mound. Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin the three together. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again." -- Jimmy Piersall

6. "It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't." -- Barbara Kingsolver

7. "I never got along with my dad. Kids used to come up to me and say, "My dad can beat up your dad." I'd say, "Yeah? When?" -- Bill Hicks

8. "Fatherhood is great because you can ruin someone from scratch." -- Jon Stewart

9. "Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected." -- Red Buttons

10. ""When my kids were younger, I used to avoid them. I used to sit on the toilet 'til my legs fell asleep. You want to know why your father spends so long in the toilet? Because he’s not sure he wants to be a father." -- Louis C.K.

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