Grandmas are for Love!


Grandmas are for stories about things of long ago.

Grandmas are for caring about all the things you know.

Grandmas are for rocking you and singing you to sleep.

Grandmas are for giving you nice memories to keep.

Grandmas are for knowing all the things you're dreaming of.

But, most of all, Grandmas are for love.


Michelle Chan said...

Wasn't close with my own grandmas but my mom is a grandma now and she truly is an amazing grandma. :)

FB: XmichywichyX

Anonymous said...

I love my Grandma :)
Fb nickname: Lehleh Hii

Anonymous said...

Fb nickname : Orlina Goh

Miss my Grandma so much! She at heaven now, but i know she always by my side!

roxie cool-it said...

That is why were lovin' our grandma's so much! It is under their dress that we sometimes hide when mom's about to start war. ha3! =)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Wish Iam near my grandma now to hear her stories.

FB: joshuajonlow

Anonymous said...

Thats what all our grandMa did to us, nice one!

Anonymous said...

Grandma, always in my mind
FB nick: Wendy James Bong

nazeur rahman said...

Thanks for the effort and also thanks for sharing.
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